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Keratin Treatment

Achieving smooth and manageable hair has never been easier.
An innovative and revolutionary formula designed to successfully treat damaged hair and aid the recovery from any previous chemical treatments. When combined, elastin and keratin promote healthy and strong hair, reducing split ends and breakage and giving instant results of revitalised, smooth and manageable hair.

Elastin Keratin Flexible & Smooth Effect is a de-frizz treatment and smooths the hair, it doesn’t straighten it. If you’re looking for straighter results we advise you use Elastin Keratin Intense.

Protein Treatment

This straightening treatment has a unique formula that was developed by DiscovHair labs and fits all hair types.
The formula contains rich concentrated proteins of selected amino acids from the hydrophobic amino acid family. So the main acid is the Elastin Protein. This protein has elastic and flexible qualities enabling it to stretch the disulphides in the hair but still keeping it flexible and strong. Because of the symbiotic connection between the Elastin Protein and the keratin protein the hair gets natural shine and softness which creates the natural, perfect look.

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