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Discovhair elastin protein oil 80ml


This is the flagship product of the Elastin Protein series.
Elastin Protein Oil creates a protective layer that prevents mineral loss from the hair and protects it from damage from its surroundings without an oily feeling to the hair.

Because of the advanced technologies that were developed by DiscovHair, we managed to combine two ingredients that couldn’t be combined before: the elastic element of the protein and essential oils. In this development, we got a perfect symbiotic connection where the protein, the main ingredient, creates strong, flexible, soft, and shiny hair. The essential oil on the other hand gives a protective and defensive layer from the sun and from the environmental conditions.

That’s why Elastin Protein Oil is a unique product that is different from any other product existing in the market today.

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DISCOVHAIR™ WAS ESTABLISHED TO BE A "HOUSE OF INNOVATION" IN THE HAIR CARE INDUSTRY THROUGH RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT OF INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND IMPROVEMENT OF EXISTING TECHNOLOGIES/SOLUTIONS. We believe in studying and understanding the unmet needs of haircare professional and customers, recognising those needs and addressing them with innovative and accurate solutions. We believe our customers should receive the best, uncompromising, salon-tested, innovative and powerful products.


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