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Discovhair elastin protein shampoo 250ml


Elastin Protein Shampoo is a new formula to clean, pamper and nourish the hair while protecting from daily abuse like the sun, sea, chloride and hair colouring.

Elastin Protein Shampoo protects and preserves the hair with all the vital ingredients, it prolongs the natural shine and makes the hair soft. Due to the nurturing ingredients and rich proteins with protein elastin as main ingredient, the hair will be revived and renewed with every use.

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250 ML

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DISCOVHAIR™ WAS ESTABLISHED TO BE A "HOUSE OF INNOVATION" IN THE HAIR CARE INDUSTRY THROUGH RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT OF INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND IMPROVEMENT OF EXISTING TECHNOLOGIES/SOLUTIONS. We believe in studying and understanding the unmet needs of haircare professional and customers, recognising those needs and addressing them with innovative and accurate solutions. We believe our customers should receive the best, uncompromising, salon-tested, innovative and powerful products.


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