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Olaplex no.3 hair perfector 100ml


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The ultimate insurance policy for your hair, use Olaplex to strengthen tresses weakened by excessive colouring, styling or bleaching. Olaplex is not a deep conditioning treatment, nor a supplement; rather it is a weekly treatment to reconstruct the hair from the inside out. Using a single active ingredient to rebuild the disulphide sulphur bonds which are usually compromised during bleaching, the hair is left feeling and looking softer and healthier, full of radiant shine. Olaplex No. 3 is a weekly treatment to maintain the hair’s strength in between salon visits. It is free from silicones, oils, aldehydes and parabens, and promises to leave the structure and integrity of the hair stronger, allowing you to be bolder with colour and styling without the fear of damage.Directions For UseUse once a week to strengthen damaged, weak hair. Before shampooing, wet hair, towel dry hair and then apply a generous amount of Hair Perfector. Process for a minimum of 10-20 minutes. If hair is compromised, longer is recommended. Rinse hair, shampoo, condition or treat as per hair requirements.



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