Schwarzkopf osis+ session label super dry memory hairspray 150ml


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Ultra-dry, super-concentrated hairspray that delivers a ne type of hold. Big performance in a little botle! Benefits Super-concentrated, fast-drying formula Long-lasting memory-effect and remouldability Keeps its shape, even after brushing Provides strong hold but it feels like a lightweight hairspray Perfect dosage control, microscopic droplets instead of film on the hair Leaves hair with a pleasant feel, without the ‘helmet effect’ Despite its size, lasts nearly as long as a standard can* *Lasts approx. 85% as long as the 300ml standard hairspray Technology The new spraying system disperses the highly-concentrated formula super finely on the hair. The instant-drying microscopic droplets form a strong, yet fine and flexible, net on the hair for immediate memory hold. How to use Apply to dry hair. Use layering technique for increased hold performance.

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