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Breathe the look of new life back into your tresses, with the System Professional Balance Shampoo. The deeply-replenishing formula was specially created for people with sensitive scalps, meaning it has a skin-friendly pH and an infusion of Zinc Pyriothon Complex.

The innovative technology works to promote the illusion of fuller, thicker-looking hair, reducing the appearance of flatness. Respectful and balancing, the shampoo helps to offer a thorough cleanse, without leaving your locks feeling stripped of natural essential oils.

The mild formulation assists with encouraging your hair to be more easily managed and styled, lessening the look of knots and tangles.

Created with dermatologists.

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Skin-friendly pH-neutral gentle cleansing to soothe sensitive scalp. Hair Care Benefits: gently cleanses, calms, moisturises, and restores the scalp, leaving the hair combable. Formulation Highlights: pH-neutral, mild formulations, developed in cooperation with dermatologists, tested for skin tolerance and effectiveness on sensitive skin.


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