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System professional purify mask p3 200ml



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System professional purify mask p3 200ml


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Since its inception, System Professional has strived through science to answer one question: what is the best solution to transformative haircare? Long term, in-depth solutions that empower hairdressers and at home-users through expert science to get the hair that will match their ambitions.That’s why we believe that transformative haircare starts at the core. Our scientists have harnessed the power of lipids with our patented LipidCodeTM. A technology with cutting edge performance that regenerates the hair from the core to leave it feeling healthier and more resilient. Our collections blend high-performance with a sensorial experience through carefully curated scents and luxurious textures. Transforming a hair regimen into a ritual of care.

6 in stock

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Intense nourishment and protection to leave your hair dandruff-free and soft as silk.

Hair Care Benefits:
• Deeply conditions the scalp to fight heavy dandruff
• Lasting dandruff protection
• Leaves hair feeling soft, manageable
• Effectively fights dandruff with Zinc Pirithione Complex with regular use, while nourishing hair

Formulation Highlights:
• Dermatologist-developed and tested
• Mild and pH neutral formulationsBeauty born from science.


System Professional

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